The Inspiration Behind an Innovative New Imaging Idea

Sean Ramsay invented a camera that will make people put away their mobile phones. Why he did it

Written by Murad Hemmadi

Sean Ramsay is the founder and chief innovation officer of Bubl Technology, which announced a $4.6-million seed funding round in September. The company developed a 360-degree hand-held camera thatsells for US$799.

Bubl founder and CIO Sean Ramsay. Photo: Daniel Ehrenworth

I was working at a digital media studio and we were brought onto a project to launch the Toyota Matrix in Canada. They wanted to put a car in the middle of a street and take a 360-degree picture to allow the user to look at it from every possible angle. I realized, if we can do that with pictures, why can’t we do it with video? At the time, cameras with that capability cost a minimum of $25,000 and they had to be connected to a computer. I thought there had to be an easier way to capture that image.

“And then my daughter, who was maybe two years old, was playing with my mobile phone and watching a video of herself on her grandma’s lap but her grandma’s head was cut off. She tried to pull the screen down so she could see grandma’s head. I realized there are times when people want to see an aspect of a picture or video, but the camera just can’t capture that part of the content. That was when I decided to start Bubl.

“Mobile phones are becoming the go-to camera, but there’s still a market for a secondary camera for capturing a moment. So when we looked at the opportunity for Bubl, we thought there was a natural evolution to replace the point-and-shoot camera with something more powerful.”

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