The New Model That's Making E-Commerce Accessible to SMEs

Instead of sending users to a third party e-commerce site, companies with WordPress sites can now sell items on their own sites

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You’ve heard us say it before: Canada should be a leader in e-commerce. As of this year, only 27% of Canadian SMEs are tapping into the 93% of Canadian customers who are online.

It’s about to get easier to accept payment online, as more companies crop with alternatives to the existing e-commerce platforms. ShopLocket is one such company. The Toronto-based startup re-launched Thursday with a revamped website and updated e-commerce offering for small to medium sized businesses. It also announced a partnership with WordPress to offer the first e-commerce integration for, the pro version of the content management system serving paid enterprise users.

Prior to the partnership, WordPress clients would have to drive users shopping on their sites to another site to pay for their purchases. Now, instead of sending users to a third party e-commerce site, companies with WordPress sites can now sell items on their own sites. The new version of Shoplocket’s system also comes without any branding, meaning the look and feel won’t change when a consumer moves from a company’s site to its online store.

According to a story by Russ Martin in Marketing magazine, while the service is available for all VIP and enterprise WordPress users, ShopLocket founder Katherine Hague said it’s aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses, as many larger brands have existing systems for e-commerce that are difficult to integrate with new technologies. “It could be a brand that’s doing hundreds if not millions of dollars a month, but one that’s not using a legacy system,” Hague said. “A lot of large brands have very old systems that integrating with would take weeks or months. We’re not doing that process right now to hand hold large brands through the transition.”

With companies like ShopLocket and Shopify multiplying, it’s becoming harder for companies of any size to justify not accepting online payment.

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