Top U.S. CEOs Avoid Social Media

Fortune 500 bosses shun most social sites, though there is one that they like

Written by Jim McElgunn

It certainly seems as if the whole world is going social (media). But someone forgot to tell the top bosses at the biggest U.S. companies.

A new study by of Fortune 500 companies shows that just 6% have a Twitter account and just 7% have a Facebook account. This is far less than the 16% of Americans who a study in late 2012 estimated use Twitter and the massive 67% who use Facebook.

Overall, just 32% of U.S. Fortune 500 CEOs have any social media presence at all. But there is one social media platform that they’re keen on: LinkedIn.

Fully 28% of the CEOs have posted a profile on the career-focused social site. This is the only form of social media that the big-company CEOs used at a higher rate than the general public. About 20% of all Americans have a LinkedIn profile.

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