Unproven But Unstoppable

Globalive Holdings and Wind Mobile chairman and CEO Tony Lacavera describes a key decision that set up his business for success

Written by As told to Jim McElgunn

Tony Lacavera

Chairman and CEO, Globalive Holdings & Wind Mobile

When the tech bubble burst in 2000, 11 of our 12 clients went bankrupt. That almost killed our company, Globalive Communications. We had been supplying outsourced phone services such as operator-assisted calls to emerging carriers competing against big guys such as Bell. But none of the new carriers had reached critical mass, and that entire market evaporated.

To save the company, we targeted hotels and hospitals as a new client base for our services. We said, “Listen, we can provide these services to you at a much lower cost than the phone company.” We did so well that the big guys told our new clients we were going to disappear like the emerging carriers had.

I admitted to our clients that Globalive was young and didn’t have Bell’s financial strength. But I said, “We’re going to work our butts off to make you happy, because your business matters a great deal to me. But it doesn’t matter at all to Bell.” And that resonated with them.

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