VIDEO// Search v Social: How Customers Find You

Companies are putting more money into social media and less into search. But SEO, if done right, can yield a higher ROI, says one expert

Written by Mira Shenker

Scott Wilson, CEO of, says if people put the amount of labour they put into building social media campaigns into search, they would reap much higher rewards. In fact, Wilson argues that social sites like Facebook are now making updates in order to jibe better with search.

“Companies are putting more money into social media without the immediate ROI and less dollars into search, where there’s a customer on a silver platter on the other side of that search query.”

Optimizing your website means understanding what Google values most highly. In the video below, recoded at the PROFIT 500 CEO Summit,Wilson explains how Google ranks websites and what businesses can do to give themselves an edge. Scroll down to watch.

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