Web 2.0 for the non-Web CEO: Make a MySpace page

Written by Kim Shiffman

Why MySpace? The social networking site with more than 100 million members can be a useful marketing tool, especially if you have Gen-Y customers. Step 1: Register for a free account at Step 2: Upload pictures, and invite friends and clients to join your "network." (All you need are their e-mail addresses.) Step 3: Name your MySpace page (e.g., and fill in the "About Me" section. Step 4: Bring new friends and clients into your network by clicking their pictures after searching for them or seeing them on other people's pages. Step 5: Use MySpace's many tools to write a blog entry about events or sales; send mass bulletins to your network with one easy click (it will show up on their MySpace page when they log in); upload a video and feature it on your page; and watch as your network posts messages about your firm in the "comments" section. Tip: To create a more attractive layout, paste an HTML code into "About Me." Find the code by searching Google for "myspace layouts"; there are hundreds of providers to choose from.

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