What We Learned in 2016

56 killer insights from top bosses, rising stars, big thinkers and the most-talked-about and important events of the year

Written by PROFIT Staff


Trun. Queen Bey slayed, Trudeau played, bots continue to invade. Valeant dove, robots drove, Samsung watched it’s phones explode. Fort Mac burned, Blackberry turned, and this is what we really learned about business, leadership and more in 2016.

Lessons from Top Canadian Entrepreneurs
We asked 12 of the country’s most successful and innovative founders to share the most important lessons they learned this year. Here’s what they said

5 of the Best Leadership Lessons
From Fort McMurray to Indian conglomerates, this year demonstrated how important it is to have someone with vision at the top—and how high the stakes can be

Pivots Go Both Ways
Blackberry tweaked its raison d’etre in 2016—and it wasn’t to go bigger

Lessons from Top Canadian Business Visionaries
We asked 10 lobbyists, pundits, policy-makers and champions of innovation to share the most important lessons they learned this year. Here’s what they said

3 of the Most Important Lessons About the Economy
Pipelines took central stage at home, while protectionism came back into play abroad, with the election of Donald Trump heralding a new phase for free trade

7 of the Best Marketing Lessons
Feelings trumped facts, and even the most innocuous brands found themselves dragged into public conversations they never intended—or wanted—to be part of

Fads are fleeting
The insane, temporary popularity of Pokémon Go in 2016 is a warning to companies chasing trends

Bold Moves Are Often the Best
New Diply executive Kirstine Stewart, formerly of Twitter and the CBC, explains the value of brash career shifts

5 of the Best Technology Lessons
Automation, whether for chatbots or cars, is moving quickly but still has a long journey to the mainstream. Meanwhile, other ideas blew up—literally

Lessons from Top Executives
We asked eight corporate titans to share the most important lessons they learned this year. Here’s what they said

There’s No One Way to Give
Former mining magnate Frank Giustra focused his efforts on helping Syrian refugees in Europe in 2016. Why—and—how he did it

Rock Bottom is Just the Beginning
Comebacks aren’t easy. Just ask the folks at troubled Valeant Pharmaceuticals, who’s fortunes continued to nosedive in 2016

Maybe Greed Isn’t All That Good
The extreme behaviour of reviled pharma exec Martin Shkreli shows just what doesn’t work in business any more

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