What You Can Learn from an eBay Millionaire

Smoke and mirrors don't move merchandise. Why one online seller recommends being honest

Written by Virendra Rajawat

Illustration: Kagan McLeod

Virendra Rajawat is the founder of Sonatona, which sells loose gemstones, beads and jewelry. Sonatona’s sales total U.S.$250,000 annually.

Here, Rajawat explains what he’s learned about making a product stand out from selling on eBay.

I think the description of the product should be very straightforward. Buyers don’t need gimmicks. They want simple, clear things about your product. If your product has a defect, mention it. Customers appreciate those things and end up buying those products as well. I just put what I feel I would want to see when I look to buy something online.”

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