Why Aren't You Advertising on the Bus?

You may be overlooking opportunities to reach your perfect customer

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If you seldom take public transit, you may think of transit riders as a rather downscale lot. In fact, those who ride transit at least once a week—20% of Canadians age 12 or older, reports the Print Measurement Bureau (PMB)—include a striking 1.7 million people who live in neighbourhoods with above-average transit usage and household incomes higher than the $86,000 national average.

That makes transit advertising a viable way for SMEs to reach large numbers of upscale people concentrated in the biggest urban areas.

These transit riders live in 15 of the 66 lifestyle clusters into which Environics Analytics classifies Canadian households, such as the three clusters spotlighted below. They’re younger, more educated and more likely to own a home than the average Canadian. And they’re almost twice as likely to be immigrants (39% versus 21%).

PMB data show that transit riders from upscale areas are 46% more likely to be heavy Internet users than the population as a whole. This suggests you could use transit ads to attract these upscale consumers to your website. And, according to PRIZMC2Link, powered by AskingCanadians, this group is well above average in using mobile devices to enter contests and download coupons. So, you could include a QR code in your ads that transit users could scan to link to marketing offers.

Social-values data from Environics Research show that transit users in affluent areas are early adopters who are receptive to ads that highlight a product’s originality. Your ads also should appeal to their love of value for money— a frugal streak shown by their regular transit usage.

Produced by PROFIT in partnership with Environics Analytics. Infographic by Brett Ramsay.

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