Why None of Shopify's Top Executives Gets a Corner Office

Inside the e-commerce enabler's Ottawa HQ with Chief Design and Culture Officer Daniel Weinand

Written by Dale Smith

One of the leading lights of Canada’s tech sector, e-commerce platform Shopify makes design a core company value, and its Ottawa headquarters reflects that. (The company also has offices in Toronto and Montreal).

Each floor is organized around a theme, like “1920s Prohibition” or “retreat,” and there are a variety of workspaces, from open-concept group pods to private nooks—and even a few secret rooms hidden around the office, knowledge of which is strictly need-to-know.

“If you put a lot of smart and able people in the same space, give them what they need and remove barriers, magic happens,” says Daniel Weinand, Shopify co-founder, and chief design and culture officer.

(Photos by Blair Gable)

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