Why You’re Never Too Small to Have a Social Media Strategy

Shopify’s Dan Fricker on how businesses with limited resources can effectively use social platforms

Written by Sarah Niedoba

Dan Fricker has built a career making sense of social media. His current title at e-commerce enabler and Canadian tech darling Shopify—a job he’s held down for all of a month—is Social Media Lead.

In the past, when he worked with the CBC he was “Senior Manager, Digital & Social Media,” and when he was with Telus he handled “Social and Media Relations.” Fricker knows that his job titles, and the work they involve, can seem vague and confusing, but he insists that it’s all not nearly as complicated as it appears. According to him, he works to take a multitude of social media channels and convey a single authentic message—one post or tweet at a time.

Large corporations have whole teams dedicated to posting and responding to other users, but entrepreneurs often don’t feel they have the time or the resources to get social. But in a recent interview with Canadian Business, Fricker says small businesses should “one thousand percent” be thinking about social media.

“I teach a social media class at the University of Toronto, and I’m lucky enough to have such a range of students that come in for that course. Anywhere from small- and medium-sized business up to enterprise-level marketers,” explains Fricker. “I think it’s really interesting to see how they all sort of take these discussion topics that we cover and apply them to their various needs and customers. It’s not going to be a one size fits all; it’s obviously going to scale depending on the scope.”

Start by examining the resources you have available to you, he counsels. “If you’re a team of one and have a full-time day job running your actual business, I wouldn’t recommend being on every single platform. If you only have five percent of your time to be on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on, it’s not worth it,” says Fricker. “That would dilute your brand and your ability to develop meaningful connections. Find out where your audience is online, and focus your efforts there. Even if it’s just a smaller impact, it’s better than nothing.”

For more insights from Shopify’s Dan Fricker, including the common misconceptions businesses have about social media, read the complete interview here. 


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