#21-30 Great Ideas You Can Use Today

From The 30 Best Business Practices of All Time, published by PROFITguide.com: Canada's trusted resource for entrepreneurs and innovative executives

Written by PROFIT staff

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#21: Make ETDBW Your Mantra

Meet regularly to look at your company as customers do and figure out how to make your firm Easy To Do Business With.

#22: Get Clients on the Blower

Set up a staff rotation in which you call 10 clients every week to ask about your product and customer-service levels, and spot problems.

#23: Ask for Sales Referrals

Never miss a chance to capture the pure gold of having a happy customer warmly recommend your company to a potential new client.

#24: Start Meetings on Time

Begin on the dot even if everyone isn’t there yet, and finish at five to the hour so attendees can make it to their next meeting on time.

#25: Spy on Your Own Company

Call your firm as if you were a real client to find out what the experience is like from the other side.

#26: Turn (Almost) Everything into a Sales Message

Look for places to include soft-sell pitches, such as invoices, business cards, status updates and email signatures.

#27: Wander With a Purpose

Adopt the classic tactic of Management by Walking Around to connect with employees and find out what’s really going on.

#28: Add A “Why Us?” Section to Your Website

Spell out in three brief bullet points the clear and compelling reasons why people should do business with you.

#29: Pay Your Talent to Find New Talent

Turn your entire workforce into head hunters by offering cash or other rewards for referrals that lead to successful hires.

#30: Get Unplugged

You’ll lose your edge if all you do is work, so reserve times in which you’re emphatically unavailable to work for—or even think about—your business.

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