3 Out of Office Replies People Hate

Email-writing is prickly business. You can inadvertently insult someone if your tone is misinterpreted. Guess what? The same is true even when it's an automated response

Written by Advisor Staff

The auto-response email is a delicate art and often it’s botched, says New York Magazine. Here are a few ways NYMag devised to avoid a professional faux-pas the next time you take a three-day weekend or go down to Cuba while the rest of Canada is wearing thermal underwear.

Don’t brag about where you’re going. If you’re heading off on a Mediterranean cruise and won’t be reachable by email, don’t say that in your auto-response — you’ll look like a braggart.

Don’t show off how important you are by directing people to more than one assistant. Aside from the confusion this causes, you’ll end up looking like a braggart again.

Don’t include multiple ways of contacting you. It’s overkill. “This is an out-of-office message, not a last will and testament,” says NY Mag.

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For one of the best auto-response emails ever, read this hilarity, courtesy of venture capitalist Josh Kopelman. But, as NY Mag warns, if you decide to go funny, you had better have the skill to pull it off. Attempts at humour can easily go bad, especially in an email, where tone is often indecipherable.

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