Crowdsource//How Do You Manage Time Zones?

When clients are half a world away, you have to adjust your processes to meet their needs. Do you have smart ways to manage this challenge? Share your tactics with PROFIT readers

Written by Deborah Aarts

In today’s 24/7, global economy, you’ve got to be available when your clients (or staff, or suppliers) want you to be. And that can be very tough to do when you’re located in a different time zone.

Overcoming time-zone differences is something SMEs have struggled with for decades. While technology has made it easier to connect, significant barriers remain. But they’re not insurmountable.

That’s why PROFIT is compiling a collection of the best strategies, tactics and tools entrepreneurs can use to connect with stakeholders located in different time zones—be it across the country or halfway around the world. And we’re looking for your contributions.

How do you keep clients happy when they’re located on another continent (or even just across the country)? How do you manage remote-office staff? What mechanisms do you have in place to make sure you don’t miss anything during off-hours? And how do you keep the costs of managing different time zones in line?

Please share your approach by commenting below or by emailing senior editor Deborah Aarts. We’ll collect the best answers and print them in an upcoming issue of PROFIT Magazine.


Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com