Help For Hard Times

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Coping with survivors

Think layoffs will fix what ails your firm? They might be the cause of bigger problems.

Relieving employee anxieties

Here’s how to allay employee anxiety as the economy tumbles.


Outsourcing: Bring in the pros

Outsourcing can save you cash and the time you need to steer through the recession.

How to beat the recession

Tried and true strategies from entrepreneurs who’ve been there, fought back and won.

Managing: 75 ways to cut costs now!

Try these tactics for trimming the fat without cutting any muscle.

Leap now, laugh later

Amid the recession, opportunities exist to bolster your company in time for the recovery.

Why it’s good to be small

Big companies’ response to the recession will create terrific opportunities for your firm. Here’s how to seize them.


Low-cost marketing

Use these inexpensive tactics to push your product without busting your bank account.

Recession-resistant sectors

You can still prosper by entering or selling to one of several sectors likely to keep growing.


U.S. tax: Will you accept the charges?

If you’re doing business in the U.S., prepare to hear from state governments. They’re getting desperate for money, and you just might owe them some.

Beat the bust by going green

Spend money on energy efficiency during a recession? It’s a much brighter idea than you think.

Credit crisis: Escape the cash crunch

Don’t despair if your firm’s supply of capital is being squeezed. Here are several viable options for finding the money you need now.


Tech: Springboards to salvation

To prosper despite the slump, you need affordable ways to boost sales and cut costs. It’s a tall order, but these five technology tools fit the bill.

Tech: IT costs

If your business is like most, that dripping noise you hear is the result of wasteful IT spending. Here are five high-cost leaks and how to fix them.

Tech: Speedy customer service

How one successful business uses low-cost technology to deliver speedy customer service ۉ‚¬ perfect for firms looking for a leg up in the downturn.

Tech: Google Grabbers 2.0

PROFIT’s story on one entrepreneur’s search-engine optimization techniques drew so many kudos that we just had to publish another one. So, here are five more killer ways to boost your Google rankings.


Investing during a recession

Five smart strategies for hanging onto your wealth through a roller-coaster recession.

How to invest in 2009

How long should you wait to buy into diversified companies with strong balance sheets?


A new day at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Big-business HR tools work well for SMBs, too.

Get ready for the recovery

Riding out hard times, productively.

Managing: All you need is tough love

A downturn is no time to delay hard choices.

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