How the best bosses behave

Written by Rick Spence

In a recent article on BNET, CBS’s interactive business network, executive coach and consultant Steve Tobak offered a quick refresher course in leadership.

Based on Tobak’s observations, here’s a condensation of his list of “10 Things That Good Bosses Do.”

1. Pay people what they’re worth, not what you can get away with.
2. Take the time to share your experiences and insights.
3. Tell it to employees straight, even when it’s bad news.
4. Manage up. Good bosses keep management off employee’s backs.
5. Take the heat and share the praise.
6. Delegate responsibility, not tasks. This fosters professional growth.
7. Encourage employees to hone their natural abilities and challenge them to overcome their issues.
8. Build team spirit. Great groups outperform great individuals.
9. Treat employees the way they deserve to be treated.
10. Inspire your people, by sharing their passion for the business.

“All this,” says Tobak, “adds up to an environment where people feel appreciated, recognized, challenged, and appropriately compensated.”

What do you think of this list? I would add a few more points:

€¢ Cull the herd. Fire employees who don’t live up to your expectations or bring down their co-workers.
€¢ Put your employees’ needs first. If they can better reach their potential outside of your office, let them know. Give them the choice.
€¢ Model the behaviour you expect of others.
€¢ Prioritize your time. When employees respect your time, they will learn to respect their own.

What points would you add to this list?

Click here for Steve Tobak’s full article on BNET.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com