How to Convince Ex-Employees to Come Back

Two-thirds of workers are open to the idea of returning to a former workplace. What you must do if you want to re-hire them

Written by Benefits Canada Staff

A solid chunk of employees would expect to qualify for the same level of company benefits should they return to a former employer, according to new research. The study by U.S. recruiting and staffing provider Spherion found 35% of respondents would expect the same level of benefits upon their return.

“Now that the job market is on the rebound and the hiring climate is tipping more in job-seekers’ favour, employees are more likely to capitalize on that leverage,” said Sandy Mazur, division president at Spherion. “Some may choose to use that leverage by negotiating extras or perks, but for €˜boomerang’ employees, it makes sense that they may expect benefits in line with their overall tenure, feeling as though they’ve already earned them.”

Of those respondents who said they’re open to the possibility of returning to a former employer, 22% would do so for a more flexible schedule than they currently have and 17% would do so for a position created uniquely for them.

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But some respondents to the survey of more than 1,000 employees said they’d prefer to keep the door closed, with 35% saying they wouldn’t consider going back. Around a quarter (27%) said such a move would be a step back in their career, while 19% said the company culture wasn’t the right fit the first time.

The study also found: 47% of respondents would expect to undergo a less rigorous hiring process when rejoining a company they previously worked at; 37% believe their former company should do everything possible to accommodate them should they decide they’d like to work there again; 37% feel their company prioritizes hiring boomerang employees to save money on recruitment and training; 17% of respondents said the opportunity to serve in a position uniquely created for them would influence them to return to a former employer.

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