How to Scale Up Without Selling Out

As Wattpad aggressively expands, CEO Allen Lau has built a workplace that highlights his firm's purpose and core values

Written by Kristene Quan

When Wattpad launched in 2006 as an online—and now mobile—community for readers and writers to share free books, CEO Allen Lau and his team were working out of a drab cubicle farm in Toronto’s north end, with bankers and accountants for neighbours.

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In April, Wattpad moved into a 159-year-old building in the city’s St. Lawrence Market district. Here, Lau shows us around the new headquarters and explains how he tries to “replicate his DNA” as the team grows (they’re closing in on 100 employees) to keep Wattpad’s spirit of open communication and transparency.

(Photos by Anya Chibis)

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Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com