Pay Raises for Employees Who Get Tattoos

How far would you go to promote your brand?

Written by mira.shenker@profit.rogers.com

Take every opportunity to promote your brand. That’s the advice PROFIT has frequently dispensed. In fact, just last month columnist Wayne S. Roberts wrote about the importance of stamping your brand on your sales reps.

“Taking every opportunity to promote your brand helps build a deeper relationship with your customers,” writes Roberts.

One U.S. firm is taking that concept to an entirely new level. Marketing Magazine reports that New York brokerage firm Rapid Realty NYC is offering a pay bump to any employee willing to get tattooed with the company logo. Anyone sporting the tattoo gets a 15% commission.

According to Marketing, Anthony Lolli, CEO of Rapid Realty NYC, started the policy a year and a half ago after one employee got the tattoo to prove his company loyalty. About 40 employees have gotten inked with the logo in the past two years. Workers are “passionate about the brand,” said Lolli.

What do you think? Is it time to collect the contact info of some reputable tattoo artists? Or, perhaps you’d like to just start by seeing if your staff would wear t-shirts with the company logo.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com