The 7 Questions Great Delegators Ask

Face the facts: You can't do everything. Learn how to enable others to do what needs to be done

Written by Ian Portsmouth

No entrepreneur can do everything herself. That’s not the only reason effective delegation is valuable to a business. Delegation is one of the key ways by which a manager transfers important knowledge to her employees. Delegation can also build the skills and confidence of those people deputized with getting a job done.

But if delegation is so good for business, why do so many business owners struggle with it? Many factors play into the typical entrepreneur’s inability to let go, but they boil down to the same thing: the business owner is usually the best person for the job—or thinks she is.

Getting over this hump is a two-step process. First is to accept that few jobs have to be done as well as you would have done them; rather, they just need to be done well enough. Second, before delegating anything, you can ask yourself the seven questions of great delegators:

Is this task a development opportunity?

Every delegate needs the skills and knowledge to get the job done—but not necessarily from the outset! More important is whether the delegate has the capacity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in the time allowed. So-called stretch assignments develop your people to take on bigger and better things.

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Ian Portsmouth is the publisher and editor of PROFIT Magazine.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com