The Big Business Recruitment Strategy You Should Be Copying

You don't need a huge bank balance to compete for talent against giant corporations

Written by Sheryl Boswell

In the pitched battle for smart, skilled recruits, you need to take every advantage you can get. But small and medium sized enterprises often don’t have the sophisticated €˜brand feel’ that large, well-known firms use to distinguish themselves in the talent marketplace.

That’s why it’s so important to proactively work toward creating a cohesive brand voice and outward-facing profile that represents your company and culture in the best possible light. When done effectively, a well positioned, outward-facing profile can help you attract strong talent and give prospective employees a representative glimpse into your organization.

Building an outward-facing profile goes beyond simply describing your organization. The face you show potential recruits must exemplify your corporate culture and values, and get people excited about working for your business. Your recruitment positioning encompasses everything from your elevator pitch to your social media presence to the way you write job postings.

Here are three ways to build an outward-facing profile to attract the right talent.

Communicate a mission and vision that people can identify with

One of Monster’s clients is a major player in retail e-commerce. The company’s mission stems from a personal anecdote about selling sports equipment to customers who loved sports as much as they do. The founders took it upon themselves to build the tools to facilitate their sales, and since then, they’ve been on a mission to improve e-commerce for everyone.

By telling this brief, personal story, this company not only established credibility as a savvy retailer, but also connected with their stakeholders in just a few short lines.

As a business, it’s important to shape your communications with your audience in mind, and relating to them on a personal level is the best way to do that.

Use your social channels to bring your values to life

Thanks to social media, businesses now have a rich medium through which they can infuse life into their brand and live their values every day. Social media is an effective way to engage with customers, employees, and job seekers.

Another of Monster’s clients is a large furniture retailer whose mission is to make the home a better place. It’s a broad statement, and a perfect opportunity to exemplify what this really means through their social media channels. This company’s Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook pages include great visuals and tips, while video blog posts provide engaging content featuring such characters as young couples looking to decorate their first home—who just happen to be their prime audience.

Speak to your target demographic

When it comes to searching for talent, speaking to your target demographic doesn’t mean defining a target age group or demographic. Talent comes in a variety of forms, but an effective outward-facing profile draws in the right people.

Let’s go back to the retail e-commerce company I mentioned earlier. Their profile speaks to people that are creative, value work-life balance, and are interested in personal growth within the firm. It does so in a few interesting ways: videos that feature cool problem-solving initiatives to emphasize the importance of critical thinking and learning; stats on average employee age (with the qualification that they want people looking to learn and grow, no matter what age); number of babies born to employees to emphasize the importance of work-life balance; and countries of origin to emphasize the importance of diversity of background and experience. Photos show an open concept office with shared spaces and a casual dress code. As a prospective employee, you have a very clear picture of the type of person that would thrive in this company’s environment, and this is one of the keys to an effective profile.

Keep it simple. Write with your audience in mind, and be mindful of using corporate speak. You want to make sure you’re sending a consistent message across all platforms to highlight your company culture clearly.

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The process of building an outward-facing profile is a two-way street. Prospective employees want to envision themselves at your firm. You want your firm to be represented in the most precise and positive light possible to attract the right fit. Finding that elusive talent will allow you to spend less time recruiting, so you can spend more time growing your business.

As Director of Marketing for Monster Canada, Sheryl Boswell focuses on both employer- and seeker-centric strategies to fulfill one simple mission: connect people to jobs. Her goal is to impart knowledge of the ever-evolving recruitment landscape in which to help SMBs source, attract and retain top talent.


Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com