Turn Your Employees Into Recruiters

Four ways to make your staff keen to help your firm find great new talent

Written by Jim McElgunn

One of the most effective ways to build your team is to enlist your staff in the recruiting process. In The Commitment Engine, John Jantsch, a marketing and digital technology consultant, writes that doing so makes it easier and cheaper to fill jobs—and boosts the odds of finding a good fit for your firm’s culture. He recommends the following elements when creating an employee-referral program:

Create an employee-referral budget:

Put some money into the program so employees know you’re serious. Given how much external recruiters charge, you easily can make a case for $1,000 to $4,000 rewards for staff who help land a great hire. You also may want to offer non-cash incentives, such as travel packages.

Don’t handle this ad hoc:

Create a formal program, then include it in all employee training and, if you have one, your employee handbook. Spell out the rules clearly so your people know what it takes to win a reward.

Post job descriptions for all to see:

Communicate your hiring needs frequently and give every employee the chance to participate fully in the referral process. Bonus: it’s good for morale if your staff see that your company is doing so well that it’s hiring for new positions.

Tap into your staff’s social networks:

Use LinkedIn’s referral engine, which recommends job candidates by matching your employees’ contacts with your open jobs. Staff can then make referrals from this long list.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com