Where Canada Ranks for Employee Engagement

Just 13% of workers worldwide consider themselves highly engaged or satisfied in their jobs according to a new study. But it's not all bad news

Written by Jennifer Paterson for Benefits Canada

Only 13% of global employees are highly engaged and highly satisfied with their workplace, according to new research by office furniture manufacturer Steelcase. The research, which surveyed 12,480 participants in 17 countries, also found that 21% of respondents are somewhat engaged and somewhat satisfied, and just 11% are highly dissatisfied and highly disengaged with their workplace.

“The Steelcase Global Report is the first study that explores the relationship between employee engagement and how people feel about their workplace,” said Jim Keane, chief executive officer of Steelcase, in the report. “Its key findings affirm our belief that the places where people work can influence not only productivity, but also shape employee attitudes and beliefs. It demonstrates that the workplace can be part of a holistic strategy to increase engagement.”

Among engaged employees, the research found 98% feel their company is a good fit for them personally and feel a sense of connection with the company culture. These employees also gave their organization high scores for paying attention to their well-being, with 93% cent saying their company takes a genuine interest in their well-being and 94% saying the company attaches great importance to the health and safety of employees.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, only nine percent of the disengaged employees feel their organization is genuinely interested in their well-being and 10% feel their employers recognize and value them.

The research also found that the country an employee resides in, as well as that country’s cultural norms and economic factors, has an impact on employee perspectives about work and the workplace.

Of the 17 countries surveyed for the report, the most engaged employees were in India, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates, while the least engaged employees were in France, Belgium and Spain.

Canada placed tenth on the list, with 11% of 802 Canadian respondents saying they are highly engaged and highly satisfied with their workplace, compared to the 13% global average, and 10% saying they are highly disengaged or highly dissatisfied, compared to the 11% global average.

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