Which Coworking Space is Right for You?

All across Canada, new communal offices for solopreneurs and startups are opening their doors. Where they are and what they have to offer

Written by Sissi Wang

During his time as a real estate consultant, Spacekraft founder Darryl Bosa learned about the day-to-day logistical hassles of being an entrepreneur. “I was going from coffee shop to coffee shop, and I had a group of friends and we’d always talk about wanting to have a place to work, to come together and try to support each other,” he says.

After working abroad for several years, Bosa came back to Vancouver in 2013 and noticed the quickly growing trend for coworking spaces.

Bosa attributes the coworking movement to the rise in the number of entrepreneurs who would rather strike out on their own than work for a corporation; more freelancers enabled by remote-working technology; and intensified competition between businesses, forcing them to become more agile by outsourcing support work to project-based teams. “There’s a really cool energy in a coworking space where everybody is focused on what they’re doing,” says Bosa. “You’re a lot more creative, driven and willing to work on the tasks at hand when you are surrounded by that energy of other people working as well.”

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Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com