Why You Should Cancel the Office Holiday Party

More and more workplaces are dispensing with a social gathering that employees increasingly regard as a chore

Written by PROFIT Staff

Once an inevitable fixture in the social calendar of every firm, more and more are ditching the company or office holiday party. At what tends to be a busy time of the year already, many employees find it a thankless chore to turn out for a pro-forma celebration.

There may be better ways to drive employee engagement throughout the year, rather than in one end-of-year blowout. In this edition of the CB Elevator Pitch, editor James Cowan talks about the slow but steady decline in the company holiday party, and what you can do to celebrate the season instead.


Are you throwing a seasonal celebration this year? Have you noticed a drop in enthusiasm for the company holiday party among employees? Let us know by commenting below.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com