85 years of Canadian Business: an interactive timeline

A look at our major milestones.

timelinethumbSome magazines try to sound humble by pointing to their humble beginnings, but there really is no other way to describe the birth of Canadian Business. Initially conceived 85 years ago as The Commerce of the Nation, a newsletter for the recently formed Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the magazine’s early days consisted of little more than relaying news of chamber doings. But the organization’s members saw a greater potential in their growing eight-page monthly, and in August 1930 The Commerce of the Nation was launched on newsstands with the tag line “A Magazine for Canadian Business Men.” That tag overtook the magazine’s original name in January 1933, and the rest is history. Canadian Business has witnessed many historic events since its first issue in February 1928, but it also has a rich past of its own. Some of the major milestones are laid out in this timeline, from its, yes, humble beginnings to its most recent redesign. For a more detailed history of Canadian Business, click here.