A keyboard you can throw in the dishwasher

Let’s all play keyboard stain bingo.

(Photo: Raina + Wilson)

THE EASY SELL: Logitech washable keyboard
Let’s all play a game. It’s called keyboard stain bingo. We’ll start: Can you find a coffee splatter somewhere on the home row? How about a thumb-smear on the space bar? If you give it a shake, can you hear the bagel crumbs rattle? Don’t be embarrassed. Keyboards are petri dishes of human grossness. (Scientists have pegged the germ count somewhere near an outhouse at a three-day Motörhead festival.) So why did it take until 2012 for Logitech to invent a washable keyboard? Dunk it, scrub it and let it rack-dry. (Drainage holes!) We’ll wash away our shame while we’re at it. Logitech washable keyboard, $40,

Wooden keyboards

Wooden keyboards. Yeah, it’s nice, and it’s cool that it’s natural. But it makes you look crazy.