VIDEO: Dominic Amaral cooks up the ultimate PB&J

A simple sandwich made gourmet

Photograph by Maya Visnyei

Photographs by Maya Visnyei

Sandwich Highlights:

  • Peach jam with fresh Tahitian vanilla bean
  • Almond butter. Amaral gets his at the Nuthouse next door
  • Brioche sliced and left to dry before soaking in egg

MEET THE CHEF | As Susur Lee’s executive sous-chef for almost a decade, Dominic Amaral was responsible for some of the most widely praised food Toronto diners have ever eaten. At Andrew Milne-Allan’s exceptional Zucca Trattoria, Amaral mastered all things Italian. But with Brock Sandwich, Amaral has switched gears entirely, trading tasting menus and white tablecloths for chalkboard menus and takeout orders. Amaral employs the discipline and technique he learned in Toronto’s best kitchens to his brief menu of hearty and utterly delicious sandwiches. That means burgers topped with smoked tomato jams and sides of house-roasted olives. For our Lunchbox Challenge, Amaral offers a high-minded take on PB&J (well, AB&J, technically).

Brock Sandwich, 1260 Bloor St. W., Toronto | (647) 748-1260

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