Lunchbox Challenge: Leftover stew from chef Alex Molitz and the Farmhouse Tavern

Photograph by Eugen Sakhnenko

Sandwich Highlights:

  • Finished with a pat of Stirling Creamery butter and a glug of Henry of Pelham Baco Noir 2010
  • Bull’s-blood carrots, golden and candy-cane beets, and fresh juniper colour the dish
  • “Leftover” venison from Oakville, Ont., Woodward Meats

MEET THE CHEF | Farmhouse Tavern has been open less than a year, but it’s already considered one of Toronto’s best restau- rants. That’s because chef Alex Molitz goes beyond 100-kilometre fads, pairing solid French technique with the best locally sourced ingredients. For the Lunchbox Challenge, Molitz volunteered to whip up some leftover stew. It’s the kind of dish he says anybody could pull together with a bit of roast, some beef broth and “just about whatever you’ve got lying around in the crisper.” Of course, few of us have crispers quite like Molitz’s, who works in some venison, a medley of locally sourced carrots and beets and a generous glug of Niagara wine. If Molitz makes this with scraps, we can imagine why crowds are lining up at Farmhouse.

Farmhouse Tavern, 1627 Dupont St., Toronto | (416) 561-9114

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