Oru Cuisine’s Darren Brown

Makes us a new Cobb salad.

Photographs by Makito Inomata

Photographs by Makito Inomata

Sandwich Highlights:

  • Maple bacon, smoked in-house
  • Aged farmhouse and cracked pepper verdelait cheeses from Natural Pastures
  • The wild B.C. spot prawns are “steeped” in bouillon for three minutes Bibb lettuce grown hydroponically by Vancouver’s Urban Barns
  • Bibb lettuce grown hydroponically by Vancouver’s Urban Barns

MEET THE CHEF | Having worked everywhere from St. Barths to Saint-Tropez as the private chef aboard TV mogul Merv Griffin’s yacht, Darren Brown’s globally inspired, locally sourced menu is a natural fit at Oru Cuisine in Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. For our Lunchbox Challenge, the B.C.-born chef chose to give the classic Cobb salad a fresh turn: “It’s just one of those comfort foods that everyone can relate to,” he explains. In a seasonal twist, Brown swaps out the usual boiled chicken for wild B.C. spot prawns, which can be caught fresh until July.

Oru Cuisine, 1038 Canada Place, Vancouver | (604) 695-5500

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