Ready-to-drink cocktail mixes to improve that Friday afternoon staff meeting

Friday beer carts are so last year. These pre-made mixes make deskside cocktails easy


Really? A four o’clock meeting on a Friday? Maybe you can win over your staff with a weekend-commencing cocktail. We found five easy (And tasty) mixes that contain everything but the booze. Photos by Raina + Wilson; Glassware and accessories courtesy of BYOB Cocktail Emporium

B.G. Reynolds’ Don’s Mix + Rum

Everybody loved Lou Avery’s in-office tiki bar on Mad Men this season (“I’m drinking rum!”). You can score points too, with B.G. Reynolds’ Zombie mix. Handcrafted in Portland, Ore., the syrup offers a kick of fresh grapefruit and Asian cinnamon.


Eli Mason Old fashioned Cocktail Mixer + Bourbon

You won’t find any green appletinis among Nashville-based Eli Mason’s mixes—simply old-fashioned cocktails (like the inimitable Old Fashioned), made easier with premium bitters, cane sugar and organic gomme syrup. You just need whisky and ice.


Liber & Co. Spiced Tonic Syrup + Gin or Vodka

Wait, isn’t a G&T about as easy as cocktails come? Well, yeah. But with Liber & Co.’s small-batch syrups, you can even skip the tonic (the syrup has quinine in it). Plus, the addition of fresh lemon grass, citrus and spices will elevate your vodka and soda to another sphere.


Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix + Vodka

Because a good Caesar is practically a meal replacement. And because Walter’s ready-made mix (mild or well-spiced) is produced in Calgary with ingredients you can actually find in a grocery store. It’s thicker, too, so the ice won’t water down your drink.


Williams-Sonoma Jalapeño-Lime Cocktail + Tequila

Most margarita mixes taste like the melted Popsicle–version of a cocktail: all syrup, no citrus. Not Williams-Sonoma’s Jalapeño-Lime mix. It’s made with actual lime juice, cane sure and just the right amount of fire-roasted jalapeño. Your cocktail just got a promotion.