The Chase’s Nigel Findlay

Makes periwinkle mac and cheese

Eugen Sakhnenko

Eugen Sakhnenko

Sandwich Highlights:

  • Giambolino or “little devil” peppers give the dish heat
  • Noodles made with peppery stinging nettles
  • Seven-year-old provolone picante. Satisfyingly sharp
  • Fresh periwinkles steamed in garlic and white wine

MEET THE CHEF | Nigel Finley first caught our attention (so to speak) at Toronto’s Catch restaurant where his commitment to fresh, simply-prepared and sustainable seafood attracted a devoted following. This summer, he took on an even bigger challenge as chef de cuisine at the Chase, a new fish-and-oyster house in the heart of the financial district. For our Lunchbox Challenge, he brought together his own Nova Scotian heritage with his girlfriend’s Italian ancestry to create an utterly unique take on that lunchtime staple, mac and cheese.
The Chase Fish & Oyster, 10 Temperance St., Toronto | (647) 348-7000



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