The Easy Sell: The cedar canoe

Feel like making love?

It’s hard to fall in love with an aluminum skiff, much less get busy in one. This 16-foot cedar canoe could have been plying Muskokan waters at the turn of the last century: steam-bent hardwood frame, wrapped in cedar with mahogany decks at either end. In all, there are close to 100 person-hours in every launch—and about 2,000 hand-hammered tacks. Langford, which has made canoes this way for 70 years, just delivered a Hudson’s Bay striped model to CEO Bonnie Brooks. But we like the naked model (actually coated with an aeronautical grade fibreglass). All the better to appreciate her curves.

Langford 16’ Heritage Canoe, $5,495,


The Hard Sell

“Aqua jetpack”
Undeniably pretty cool. But after the novelty wears off, you’re just a guy with a backpack and a lot of angry neighbours.