The Easy Sell: Coffee maker

The best you'll ever sip.

Photograph by Liam Mogan

Somewhere there is a graveyard of unloved office coffee-brewing equipment. Your old Black & Decker is there. One day those clever K-cups will join it, as they are out- innovated and retired. You won’t find this Chemex coffee maker there, however, because it lives forever. This year, the World War Two–era invention of Dr. Peter Schlumbohm (yep, a chemist) celebrates its 70th year on display at the Museum of Modern Art. It’s not loved solely for its mid-century good looks. Its coffee, many bearded baristas agree, is the best you’ll ever sip. And all it requires is a kettle of hot water, a filter and a few extra minutes to let it “bloom.”

Chemex six-cup classic coffee maker, $39,


The Hard Sell

Instant coffee, whitener and sugar, all in one single-serve satchet. Why even add water? Just tuck some in your cheek.