The Easy Sell: Glass-fronted toaster

So simple: No sales pitch.

Photography by Raina + Wilson

Photography by Raina + Wilson

Is toast the perfect workday breakfast? Fast, portable, capable of being held between teeth while tying shoes—who’d argue with that? Toasters, on the other hand, are kind of a pain. Once you set the dial and press down your slice, its progress from bread to toast remains a mystery. That is, until it’s too late and the smoke alarm is bleating. So it is that Magimix’s innovation (a glass-fronted toaster!) is so simple it requires no sales pitch. It merely requires sufficient love for browned bread to burn $200 on a toaster. Check out our video of the Vision toaster in action.

Magimix Vision Toaster, $200,



The Hard Sell

“The breakfast sandwich maker”
An appliance that makes and warms egg sandwiches? We have one. It’s called a frying pan.