Unwrapped: Samsung Galaxy camera


When it comes to taking digital pictures, much of the recent focus has been on smartphones—how they now take better pictures than many point-and-shoots did just a few years ago (and why it’s now vital to be able to Instagram a shot of your dinner and make a phone call with the same device). But the digital camera business is far from dead, and Samsung’s newest offering has ?ipped the usual script by jamming Android’s Jelly Bean mobile operating system into a camera, in all its web-enabled, mobile-connected, app-happy glory.

The camera

The Galaxy features a 16-megapixel image sensor, 21x zoom, 23 mm wide-angle lens and 4.8-inch HD touchscreen display. There are virtually no physical controls, with aperture, shutter speed and shooting mode all adjusted on the touch LCD screen. It also features voice control, so you can take a photo just by saying “cheese,” or trigger a 10-second self-timer by saying “timer.”

The dilemma

With the likes of the iPhone and Samsung’s own Galaxy SIII featuring pretty impressive cameras in their own right, will consumers really jump at the chance to pay $500 for a camera that can’t make a phone call?

The mobility

Here’s where this camera shines. With both Wi-? and 3G connectivity, you can post photos to Instagram or Facebook straight from the camera. You can also use apps like e-mail, Google Maps, web browser and the Google Play store.