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Corporate Sales Manager: Canada’s Best Jobs 2016

Forget walking the store floor. This group of workers ensures keeps revenue coming in their companies' doors

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Corporate Sales Manager Jobs — Canada’s Best Jobs


Median Salary: $79,996
Salary Growth (2009–2015): +28%
Total Employees: 20,100
Change in Employees (2009–2015): -23%

Job Description:

Corporate sales managers don’t work on the store floor—they’re the ones overseeing the functioning of sales departments for commercial, industrial or wholesale ventures. Managers set the tone for the operation. They’re in charge of hiring, establishing policies and procedures, directing client relationship-building, and working closely with marketing to communicate messages externally.

Job Qualifications:

Unlike other professions that are regulated by a professional body, you don’t need a university degree to work your way into this job. What really counts is experience—several years as a sales rep will give you a leg up. Ideally, your post-secondary education should focus on business, with a specialization in sales. But it’s perfectly normal for someone with a liberal arts degree to wind up in corporate sales.


Wages aren’t just keeping pace with inflation, they’re exceeding it—salaries have grown 11.1% over the last three years, and 28% over last five. The median hourly wage in 2015 was $38.

Career Opportunity:

It’s good work—if you can get it. The number of new jobs added grew in 2015, but then shrank by half in 2016. Those kind of sudden contractions are to be expected, given that growth in these positions is dependent on the health of the industries that employ them. The medium-term outlook doesn’t offer much consolation. The number of new opportunities is expected to remain flat until 2021, when new jobs will begin to be added again. The good news is that opportunities aren’t stagnating. About 700 people are projected to retire annually from 2016 to 2020. And to balance things out, total job openings for 2016 are estimated at 700 positions. According to Statistics Canada, “employment of sales managers is projected to grow five percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations.”

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