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Health & Community Service Manager: Canada’s Best Jobs 2016

Budget tightening may not augur well, but the governments still need talented policy and program experts

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Health & Community Services Jobs — Canada’s Best Jobs


Median Salary: $104,541
Salary Growth (2009–2015): +9%
Total Employees: 5,400
Change in Employees (2009–2015): -10%

Job Description:

This group of government workers hold titles like “city medical officer of health,” “director of immigration and settlement,” and “social services planning manager.” They direct and administer the development of health care and social policies, and oversee programs aimed at improving the health and social welfare of individuals and communities.

Job Qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in a related field is a must. A graduate degree in health, social science, or a relevant administrative discipline may also be required in some cases. But more than anything, employers want to see experience in the field—managers usually come from a social policy researcher, consultant or program officer background.


Though the average salary, measured nationally, crossed $100,000 for the first time in 2014, compensation will vary by location and field. Since these are largely public sector jobs at the provincial or municipal level, the characteristics of the local tax base has an effect on what you’ll earn. Larger urban centres will come with more responsibility—and higher salaries.

Career Opportunity:

Jobs for managers in healthcare, education, social work, community and correctional services are expected to exceed supply into 2022, according to Employment and Social Development Canada, as a large number of older managers retire. But prospects will vary by province and even by municipality, since many of these jobs are in the public sector and therefore dependent on government budgets.

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