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Purchasing Manager: Canada’s Best Jobs 2016

Whether it’s gumdrops or gasoline, this class of managers keep the shelves stocked and supply chains running smoothly

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Purchasing Manager Jobs — Canada’s Best Jobs

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Median Salary: $83,428
Salary Growth (2009–2015): +15%
Total Employees: 10,500
Change in Employees (2009–2015): -9%

Job Description:

Purchasing managers oversee procurement departments, making sure that supply chains are running smoothly. They’re found in the private and public sectors, dealing with both industrial and consumer goods. Whether it’s making sure your local grocery store has your favourite yogurt in stock or ensuring that boatload of steel makes it to the factory on time, these employees are responsible for keeping goods flowing. Depending on the business this may mean overseeing the warehouse or higher-level leadership on operations and logistics.

Job Qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree is usually required; business administration, commerce or economics degrees are typical in the field. The Supply Chain Management Association offers professional accreditation which may be an asset depending on the employer. Dealing in specialized or hazardous material may require additional training and certification.


Though they haven’t shown spectacular growth, salaries in this field have risen a respectable 15% over the last five years. This is a managerial position requiring several years of experience as a front-line worker, so be prepared to pay your dues. You can expect a pay bump if your title makes the leap from “procurement” to “operations.”

Career Opportunity:

Job growth in this category has declined 9% over the last 5 years, and while there is growth on the horizon it will likely continue to be fairly modest. Still, job openings are expected to outrun qualified applicants by 10% in 2021.

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