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Location Brossard: Canada’s Best Managed Companies 2018

All the trucks you could ever need, with none of the headaches

Canada’s Best Managed Companies

At heavy-vehicle rental company Location Brossard, trucks don’t just move merchandise. They improve efficiency and save companies money. And they get modified to ship more bacon.

“Whether the clients are plumbers or major grocery chains, they all need individual solutions,” says senior vice-president and general manager Jérôme Léonard. “They just don’t know it until they meet us.” The company rents heavy vehicles ranging from cube trucks to refrigerated tractor-trailers for long- or short-term use. “We have 12 employees standing by to figure out precisely what clients need to ship their goods at the lowest cost,” says Léonard, who has been steadily improving the company’s service offer since he began working at Location Brossard in 1995.

“We had a bacon manufacturer who was transporting raw pork flank and processed, packaged bacon. He was shipping the pork in heavy cages that were piercing the walls of his trucks. So we built him a 53-foot tractor-trailer with walls that would withstand it. Since packaged bacon is lighter, we added a double floor so the company could ship 40 pallets of bacon per trip instead of 24. That made each trip from the factory more profitable.”

Founded by Guy Brossard in 1973, Location Brossard is the largest lessor of heavy vehicles in Quebec, with a fleet of 3,500. Based in Dorval, Que., since 1994, the company opened branches in Quebec City in 2000 and in Montreal in 2014, and now has total sales of $174 million dollars.

“We’ve had steady growth between five and 10% for the past few years,” says Léonard. Most of the company’s trucks are destined for daily, weekly or monthly use, for companies transporting everything from herbal footwear to recycled oil. “Sometimes companies need a heavy truck to transport goods between two factories. Some need an extra truck for peak business periods, and others want to try out a rental before committing to a long-term lease.”

But the company’s long-term rental packages are where Location Brossard stands out from the competition. “Having a fleet of trucks is a lot for most companies to manage. They’d rather hand the problem to someone else,” he says. It takes away a lot of stress when clients don’t need to worry about regular upkeep, repairs, government inspections, roadside assistance, towing for mechanical breakdowns, oil changes, brake inspections, new tires, replacement vehicles and more.

“Our clients don’t have to bother with suppliers, bills and different accounts, and they’re guaranteed a running vehicle at all times.” As a member of the NationaLease network, Location Brossard can offer its emergency repair service SOS-24 across North America. “If one of our trucks breaks down in Los Angeles, it’s our partner’s priority to fix it. Same for us if they have a problem here,” says Léonard. “People think the best rental deal is a low monthly rent, but they have to ask: how much will the total operation cost be? That’s where we come in. We handle everything. And our offices never close.”

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