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Naylor Building Partnerships Inc.

Prevention, rather than reaction, keeps companies moving forward

Founded in 1968 as a small industrial, commercial and residential contractor, today Naylor Building Partnerships offers installation and maintenance services to companies across Ontario. By working with skilled trades including HVAC, refrigeration, electrical, plumbing and compressed air, Naylor offers single-source support to 2,000 customers, including educational and government facilities, commercial buildings, industrial plants and high-rise condominiums.

Rather than being based on a reactionary break-fix model, where the goal is to have technicians on-site as much as possible, Naylor has flipped the script and focuses on preventative maintenance instead. This is such a priority that Naylor has even developed a proprietary app that allows technicians in the field to access work orders and past maintenance reports instantly, to help plan their next steps.

This means shorter visits for technicians, as well as satisfied customers who face less downtime. When an HVAC system or plumbing issue does arise, the company has the ability to act quickly and pull an employee from a preventative visit to attend to the urgent call. Because Naylor staff have this agility, their customers can get back to work faster.

A common issue in this industry is a delay between a technician diagnosing a problem and receiving an estimate from the office for urgent work needed to keep a customer’s business functioning. Naylor avoids this by empowering technicians in the field to issue estimates instantly, with help from the app. (Unsurprisingly, this level of trust leads to high rates of employee retention.)

Naylor also adds to its reputation for efficiency by offering a number of different services under one banner. Rather than receiving invoices for electrical, HVAC and compressed-air work, a client gets everything on one invoice, which is accessible via the customer portal on the company’s website. This one-stop dashboard allows customers to monitor their spending and provide documentation for inspections, to prove that they’re meeting provincial and national standards.

Many Naylor employees have been with the company for decades. Executives credit strong relationships with employees as key to retaining customers for the long term. Because the same technician regularly performs both scheduled and on-the-spot maintenance, it offers an opportunity to build a relationship—a well-earned nod to the word partnership in Naylor’s name. 

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