Best MBA Programs

Canada’s Best MBAs: Methodology

We rank Canada’s MBA Schools on reputation among employers and other stakeholders. Here’s why—and how—we do it that way

To compile the Canadian Business Reputation Index of MBA Schools, we partner with Rogers Consumer Insights to survey 1,000 people across the country about their perception of every MBA program we track. The sample includes MBA grads, students, parents of MBA students, human resources professionals and corporate recruiters. We ask them which Canadian MBA schools they are familiar with; we then ask them to rate the schools they recognize on factors like overall excellence, global competitiveness and others. Our proprietary weighting produces the final score, from which we rank a Top 10.

This research is purely qualitative and subjective. Prospective students want to know that their investment in an MBA is well-placed, and we stress that reputation is only one facet of the value of the degree.

Reputation may seem like a superficial measure by which to judge an MBA school. But in the world of business, image, prestige and public opinion matter. Naturally, there are many other factors that do — and should — inform prospective students’ decisions about which MBA program to pursue. Schools vary widely in qualities such as cost; scheduling and duration; topic specializations, internships, or travel opportunities offered; class sizes and classroom experience; industry partnerships and much more. We encourage students to use the Canadian Business MBA Guide to explore the many programs on offer in Canada and select one that suits their particular needs.