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Investor personalities: Which one are you?

Psychologist and author Kathleen Gurney's nine investor personalities.

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Entrepreneur: High-income earners who are driven by a passion for their work. They are comfortable with taking risks and fond of playing the stock market.

Safety player: Individuals with average incomes who prefer safe investments. They are extremely cautious and distrustful of the stock market.

Money master: Self-confident and willing to take advice from financial planners. They are often able to accumulate money quickly, regardless of their income levels.

Producer: Have a profoundly strong work ethic, but have trouble with investing. They tend to have lower incomes but are altruistic.

Hunter: Highly educated with well-paying jobs, they tend to be impulsive in their investing decisions. Often attribute financial success to luck rather than sound planning.

High roller: Thrill-seekers who enjoy the challenges of investing. Prefer investments that stimulate them over those that bring financial security.

Optimist: Focused on achieving peace of mind, and willing to leave the decisionmaking to their financial planners.

Achiever: Usually married college graduates, they value hard work and diligence. They are conservative in their investments but proud of their accomplishments.

Perfectionist: They tend to be highly analytical but so concerned about making a mistake that they avoid making financial decisions.