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Canada’s Richest People 2015: The biggest gainers and losers

Not to worry—they’re all still rich. But some had better years than others

UPDATED for 2018!: Canada’s Richest People — The Top 25

Being on the list of Canada’s Richest People in 2015 means having a net worth of at least $782 million — that’s how much Nova Scotia’s Jodrey family are worth, sitting at No. 100. And it won’t be long before you need to be worth at least a billion dollars to even crack the list.

In other words, no one on this list is hard up for money. But that doesn’t mean they all had a great year. Many of the entries on the Canadian Business Rich 100 List see their net worth fluctuate by a few percent per year at most. Some, however, saw massive hits to their holdings; others increased their net worth dramatically.

We boosted Vancouver’s Aquilini family, for instance, by more than 100% this year after our research showed we’d actually underestimated their net worth in 2014, the first year we included them on the list. But other moves were impossible to miss.

The Hasenfratz family roared back onto the ranking at No. 72 because their publicly traded auto parts company, Guelph, On.-based Linamar, nearly doubled its share price in the previous year under CEO Linda Hasenfratz’s leadership and sent the value of their dominant stake soaring.

The markets were not nearly so kind to the Bombardier family, whose Bombardier stock suffered from the continued delays and struggles of the company’s CSeries line of jets.

And the biggest decline on the list went to Chip Wilson, the founder of Lululemon. What was once the jewel in the crown of Canadian apparel retail suffered from a series of public spats between Wilson and the company’s board, as well as some PR embarrassments and eroding sales, all of which drove down Lulu’s share price and knocked Wilson from No. 11 on last year’s list to No. 42 this year.

Want to dig into the numbers yourself? Here’s the complete, interactive list of Canada’s top 100 richest people.