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Canada’s Richest People: Rob McEwen

UPDATED for 2018!: Canada’s Richest People — The Top 25 Canada’s Richest People
Rob McEwen
(Photo: Mike Nagle/Bloomberg/Getty)

Rob McEwen

Net Worth: $875 million

Rich 100 rank: #100
Change in rank from 2016: ▲RETURNING
Major company holdings: McEwen Mining
Location: Toronto
Age: 67

Rob McEwen has never stopped believing in gold: It’s “a store of value that has gone for millennia,” he told Bloomberg recently, and his faith has paid off. Low prices knocked him off the Rich 100 in 2015, but this year, McEwan Mining soared more than 150% as prices rose again.

#99: Saul Feldberg

#100: Rob McEwen