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Canada’s Richest People: Robert (Bobby) Julien & Delia Moog

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Robert (Bobby) Julien & Delia Moog

Robert (Bobby) Julien & Delia Moog

Net Worth: $904 million

Change from 2016: ▲8.3%
Rich 100 rank: #98
Change in rank from 2016: ▼2
Major company holdings: The Kolter Group
Location: Toronto, West Palm Beach, Fla.
Age: 49 and 82

Nephew Robert “Bobby” Julien and aunt Delia Moog are in the Florida property business. Kolter Group, the family firm of which Julien is CEO, broke ground on a 41-storey condo tower set to be the tallest building in downtown St. Petersburg, Fla., as well as an adjacent 13-storey hotel in February. Construction is also underway or near completion in Florida on townhomes in Boca Raton and an apartment building joint venture in West Palm Beach, among other developments in progress. But it hasn’t been all good news—in September, a case brought on by a Palm Beach County condo association for faulty construction on a Kolter-developed project went to trial. The plaintiffs, who first filed suit six years ago, are seeking $36 million in damages.

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