Dig It Handwear: From Hand To Home Depot

The path from idea to store shelves is trickier than many entrepreneurs think. Here's how the founders of one booming business navigated the road to success

Written by Robert Gold & Andrew Brown

Wendy Johannson and Claudia Harvey’s booming enterprise can be traced back to a chipped fingernail. In this episode of the PROFIT BusinessCast, the green-thumbed founders of Dig It Handwear talk about how they took a simple idea—protecting their manicured fingernails from the effects of gardening—and turned it into a popular product carried by Home Depot. Covering how they overcome manufacturing and quality control issues, secured sales and distribution channels and built their relationship with a high-profile investor—Kevin O’Leary—their story is a veritable how-to for any consumer-goods startup.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com