Not Made in China

How one toy company gained an edge over the competition by manufacturing locally, on this week's PROFIT BusinessCast

Written by Andrew Brown & Robert Gold

Toy company Great Circle Works Inc. is really a design company. Director Mark Cahsens is always on the hunt for creative designers—people who can take a basic, plastic child’s sled and turn it into a must-have.

How do they do it? Great Circle Works sources its designers—almost all of whom are freelancers to the company—globally. He’ll work with skateboard designers and other non-traditional toy designers to push the limits of what plastic and other materials can do.

What he won’t source globally: manufacturers. Great Circle Works produces its toys in Ontario—and it’s not because of some sense of domestic pride or go-local mentality. It’s cheaper, better and faster, says Cahsens.

On today’s episode of the PROFIT BusinessCast, Cahsens talks about how to source new talent from around the world, nurture their creativity and produce a unique product locally.

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Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com