The New Sales Mindset Critical to Success

The mindset sales reps need to adopt in order to be successful

Written by Andrew Brown & Robert Gold

In this episode of the PROFIT BusinessCast, sales guru Adrian Davis tells the story of “Jeff,” a sales rep who was having trouble pushing to the next level. The one piece of advice that Davis said propelled him to sales superstardom? Think at C-level.

Davis is president & CEO of Whetstone Inc., where he works with the CEOs of SMEs to focus on what they want to achieve and then drive sales. He says the number one thing sales reps need to do is think like a boss: be strategic rather than just tactical. “They need to understand their customers’ strategies, then figure out how they can be strategically relevant to that company, not just focus on [selling] a product,” says Davis.

On top of this mindset, Davis names a handful of qualities all top reps also have. Among them? Self confidence. He says a less talented rep with more self confidence can surpass a talented rep who is selling himself short.  “There are always setbacks and that can be crushing,” he says. “The star performers get over it.”

One note of caution: even the best reps don’t stand a chance if there are problems at the organizational level. “Companies can become internally focused instead of staying focused on the value they want to deliver to the customer,” he says. That will hold a great sales person back.

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Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com