2013 Industry Rankings – Retail

The 20 retailers on the 2013 ranking had an average 5-year revenue growth of 725%, average 2012 revenue of $29 million and an average employee count of 220


    Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies:


    RankCompanyRevenue Growth %Industry / PROFIT 500 rank$Revenue 2012Employees 2012
    1Hockeyshot (Skillmaster Shooting Range Inc.)1,635Retail / P500 rank: 31CAD2-5 million11
    2Spa Boutique Ltd.1,397Retail / P500 rank: 43CAD2-5 million16
    3ECS Coffee Inc.1,102Retail / P500 rank: 63CAD10-20 million42
    4The Mattress and Sleep Company Inc.791Retail / P500 rank: 90CAD2-5 million6
    5BQM Burger (BQM Diner Inc.)502Retail / P500 rank: 134CAD2-5 million30
    6RobotShop Distribution Inc.440Retail / P500 rank: 151CAD5-10 million19
    7Blush Lane Organic Market Ltd.372Retail / P500 rank: 173CAD5-10 million45
    8Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Famoso Inc.) 323Retail / P500 rank: 202CAD2-5 million456
    9Franworks Group of Companies (Franworks Franchise Corp.) 213Retail / P500 rank: 269CAD102,146,7302,518
    10Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc.213Retail / P500 rank: 270CAD54,042,364159
    11West-Can Auto Parts Industrial & Safety Supplies (Jassun Holdings Ltd.)176Retail / P500 rank: 307CAD5-10 million38
    12Boon Trading Canada Ltd.146Retail / P500 rank: 343CAD5-10 million20
    13Cindy's Home & Garden (Cindy's Greenhouses Ltd.)131Retail / P500 rank: 361CAD2-5 million30
    14Rack Petroleum Ltd.121Retail / P500 rank: 368CAD100-250 million56
    15Paramount Parts Inc.120Retail / P500 rank: 374CAD10-20 million61
    16Ken Brownlee & Sons Equipment Corp.102Retail / P500 rank: 407CAD5-10 million16
    17Wholesale Furniture Brokers (WFB Wholesale Furniture Brokers Group Inc.)95Retail / P500 rank: 421CAD5-10 million27
    18Coastal Contacts Ltd.92Retail / P500 rank: 432CAD196,085,000680
    19The Sundance Ski & Board Shop46Retail / P500 rank: 492CAD2-5 million15
    20Italian Centre Shop Ltd.37Retail / P500 rank: 500CAD20-50 million165

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